Hi Everyone, It’s Marie and Corey and we have big news…

Project Exercise & Nutritional Eating has reached another milestone.

We began our focus on healthy eating in September of 2013. Corey has been cooking from assorted recipe books that focused on 300-400 calorie meals. Three healthy meals, fruit and healthy fats, along with several medication changes, jumpstarted her weight loss. Corey’s physical progress required us to ramp up our home exercise program. The family and community fundraisers, helped us purchase the TR5 Recumbent Bicycle in September of 2014.

Corey’s exercise regiment at Bryn Mawr and home has enabled her to strengthen her muscles, which in-turn has assisted her to move more fluently. Her weight-loss has decreased the pain in her feet and legs. As of today, she has officially lost 37lbs since September of 2013! She will tell you, “I lost weight not by trying but simply by doing everything the right way”.

Another exciting first. Corey enjoys reading recipe books. Our friend (and day nurse) Jill, will read the recipes aloud to Corey and Corey will transpose them to her notebook. Yesterday Corey wanted to read the recipe ALOUD to Jill. She read the first 2 lines but got frustrated. Mostly because Miss Corey is a perfectionist and wasn’t reading fast enough and stumbling on the words in the recipe.
C-I got frustrated
M-what did Jill tell you; you were doing a great job and keep trying…you’ll get it
C-even I know nobody gets everything right the first time.
C-I hope that nobody gets frustrated when they can not do something right and I hope whoever reads this understands where I’m coming from.

From Corey;
May everybody please pray for me in general but specifically for walking; and in addition, also pray that I can get better as fast as I can. I want to go to culinary school, I want to be a chef, I want a car, I really want to be able to walk very much and oh yeah, I want to go out and make friends. If you pray for me, I will pray for you back, xoxo