hi everybody this is corey

my mom and i were talking about what i want for my self. it made me think that everybody looks forward to having something in their life and sometimes something happens to you that was not in your life plan.

but if you have the right outlook on life, something may take you by surprise. and if you are looking at it the right way, whatever is thrown at you, the results may not be so bad. you may have turned it around in a positive way; again, only if you are looking at life the right way.

you see, life is all about perspective. i have a brain injury and it is not all bad. i keep meeting new people who would like to learn about brain injury and i asked my mom what can i teach them? it happens to turn out that i can teach them a lot about how to relearn things-not arithmetic type things, simply what we do every day and how we do it. things like folding clothes, how to make your bed sitting down, describing words you can’t remember and how to do every thing one handed until my second one catches up. mom simply calls them tricks of the trade for living with brain injury.

so i have a brain injury. i never wanted it. no one ever wants it. but every one that learns from it makes having it a little bit easier, sort of. it depends on how you look at it. today this is my perspective anyway, xoxo