hello everyone this is your dear friend corey once again,

i wanted to let every one know that i am fully aware of the shiner on my eye. do not worry about it because the x-ray was all good; no broken bones. mom asked me if i had a headache but i told her compared to the pain on my cheek my head is great!

knowing how i like to accessorize, i picked out a tie die shirt for todays outfit. it was the perfect choice because now i blend.

i am embarrassed about falling off the couch and getting a black eye. mom says i could come up with a good story to hide the truth. so i was thinking about it and will tell everyone that i flipped one burger way to hard and the flipper missed the burger and it hit me flat on my face. what do you think? will they believe me?

alright 🙂 that is all the time we have to write because it is time to go watch master chef, xoxo