Hi Everyone,

Lately time is flying by. We have been very busy with therapy and Dr. appointments.

Corey has had a few more episodes of fainting and we still are not sure what the cause is. We were back down in Washington DC to visit her seizure specialist. He commented that his epileptic patients are suffering a similar pattern. Part dehydration, part weather (heat) related and part…unknown! So we continue to work on good nutrition, sleep and a modified exercise schedule to keep her safe.

A few new exciting changes;

Corey is trying to walk with a ‘regular’ cane. Her balance is improving. (check out her gallery picture) When we purchased her new cane, she commented, “if you have to accessorize, you might as well look snazzy doing it”! She added, “using a cane isn’t very stylish mom, but I think I can rock this look”.

Speaking of stylish…
We saw a video about NIKE creating a basketball sneaker for a young man with cerebral palsy. They invented a velco/zipper inspired by their new Lebron soldier 9 line. It’s called Flyease. The new design gives the person with disabilities the ability to put their shoe on/off independently. I told Corey I wanted to write a letter about her to the CEO Mark Parker, asking him for a sneaker that would accommodate people with a leg brace. She insisted she write the letter, “because mom, its about me being an athlete and wanting to look stylish too”. Not only did she compose most of her letter, she is going through a box of Crayola crayons choosing color combinations for a ‘sneaker design’ as I write this update!

Corey wants you all to know, “I know mom’s goal is to get me functioning as much as possible, but it’s my goal to look as stylish as I can while functioning”…she’s a woman with a mission! xoxo

Here is her letter
July 17, 2015

Dear Mr. Parker

I just watched a video on FaceBook about your company working with a boy named Matthew. You invented a new sneaker to help him put his shoes on by himself.

My name is Corey Marie Beattie. I was in a car accident October, 2, 2010; I was 17. I was an athlete before my accident. I am still considered an athlete as I continue to workout to recover from a severe traumatic brain injury. I am relearning how to walk. I have relearned how to talk, eat, read and communicate. Recovering from a traumatic Brain Injury is the hardest daily workout I’ve ever done.

Your company’s mission statement is JUST DO IT.
My personal statement is NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER GIVE IN.

My dream is to become a Chef and attend Culinary School. As a young woman, it is also important I look good doing it. I wear New Balance sneakers to accommodate the leg brace I have to wear. I have to buy two different sized sneakers. Left foot is a size 8 for my brace and right foot is size 7. I get so frustrated when I have to rely on other people to help me get dressed. I also don’t like having to wear unattractive shoes. I would really like to wear something ‘fun’ and ‘stylish’.

Can your company please design something fashionable for women that are still athletes despite their disabilities?

Best regards,
Corey Marie Beattie