Hi Everyone,
We did it! Tonight we celebrated having the courage to try something new and taking BIG steps to enhance Corey’s recovery.

The VNG tests Corey took at the beginning of the week were repeated today. Dr. Cagan Randall compared the results and literally jumped out of his chair in excitement when he saw the numbers.

Corey isn’t coming home fully recovered but the change in her vestibular numbers in 4.5 days definitely proves she has thousands and thousands of neurons that WILL recover. Dr. Randal was thrilled. It’s an amazing report for someone 5 years post injury.

We are heading home with a ton of exercise homework that needs to be practiced every day 3x a day for the next 90 days. We will be fundraising for the next visit in December. The Carrick team can’t wait for Corey to return! xoxo