Hi Everyone,

We took the doctors advice and rested Sunday and Monday. Corey’s headaches persist and she is much more fatigued. I was reassured that her fatigue is normal and could possibly continue for several months as we reactivate her right brain. We are beginning to see some subtle changes. Corey’s standing straighter and longer…unassisted. Her left foot is stepping straight forward and she’s grasping objects with greater accuracy using her left hand.

Today we uploaded the focus exercises on her Ipad and worked on her new complex movements. The next 90 days will be intense balancing the additional work with her current therapy schedule but we have to think of the payoff. If you all thought she was working hard up to this point, you can’t imagine what this young woman is about to push through!

As Corey rediscovers and reconnects, I will share the ‘little sparks’ as the forge new pathways.

Tonight’s little spark;

We were listening to sport trivia. One of the questions was, “there are 9 players on a baseball team. Each number 1 through 9 represents a position on the team. What number is the short stop”?

For those of you who didn’t know Corey when she was younger, she was the Tasmanian devil…she never slept and never stopped moving. There was more than one occasion, mom needed a break. I noticed the only time she “stopped” was when there was a baseball game on the television. Corey could be running through the family room full speed when she noticed the game and stopped to sit and watch…for the whole 9 innings! Needless to say, I started recording baseball games on the old VHS tapes. If I needed to get work done, there was a game on at the any time of day!

Corey loved baseball. As a young adult, she knew every statistic for the American and National Leagues. She knew players and their lineups.

So tonight when the trivia question was posed, she confidently stated #6. I had no idea if that was correct or not but complimented her on her confidence. She looked at me and said, “I don’t know if that’s right but that’s my bet”. She won!

Another spark happened as we were driving home;
C – mom, I just had a flashback of this road
M – what do you remember?
C – you were driving me on this road coming home from (she had trouble remembering the name BASKETBALL and motioned as if she was dribbling a ball)
M – Basketball?
C – I played that game right?
M – yes, can you picture your team and where you played?
C – (with a broad smile of pride and confidence) ABVM
M – you’re right! (she played at age 8 & 9)

Please GOD…keep those sparks coming, xoxo