Good morning everyone,

On the last day of our trip to Dallas, Caitlin, Corey and I celebrated the courage to try something new. We celebrated the act of taking a risk. We celebrated overcoming fear of the unknown. Today is an opportunity to practice the same intention.

Embracing change is not easy. I often remind myself that change is actually a neutral factor in our day. It is the emotion we associate with it that brings it to life. We can be excited at the wonder and anticipation, or fearful and labor over how oppressive it could be.

I believe the most difficult challenge we face as a family is the overwhelming constant of living with the unknown timeline of TBI. We remain guarded for the best and the worst within each of our 24hours.

I am feeling a heaviness this morning as I prepare for a meeting with Bryn Mawr at noon. For those of you following us, you all know what the “team meeting” represents. Corey has been a patient in the Neuro Out Patient program for 3 years and 3 months. She is the first patient to remain in the program without interruption. My sister Diane reminded me, “every time you were faced with discharge, historically, it launched Corey towards greater opportunities”. The ‘weight’ of finding those unknown opportunities is why I sit and ‘talk out loud’ to all of you.

Change = possibility, opportunity
We won’t go very far walking on a treadmill.
Change = growth
A person is the sum total of their experiences. Feed a man a fish and he eats a good meal. Teach a man to fish and he will be well fed for a lifetime.
Change = movement, momentum
Business Development 101…it’s not what you know it’s WHO you know. The more people we know in the TBI world the more we share and the more we learn from their experiences, the greater the possibilities and opportunities for growth, movement and momentum
for Corey. Her goals, her success and her ability to live her life to the fullest will be achieved to the best of her “abilities”.

Opportunity does not exist without change.
Today I must manage and respond to change so it will work for us, rather than against us. My fear and worry will not direct us towards our best potential.

Every marathon runner has multiple pairs of sneakers…time to lace up…xoxo