Hi Everyone,

I was once told by a good friend of mine, “sometimes life’s lessons are repeated because the person that’s supposed to learn from them needs practice until they ‘get it'”…I’m guessing my lesson is practicing patience…God…You are a brilliant teacher. You’ve used several examples over the last 5 years, can we move on now?

Devina wrote me this evening. “Unfortunately, Corey’s cognitive score is lower than the required criteria. However, Dr. Galloway and I can see/know the potential she has and we want her to be a part of the Go Baby Go Cafe project. We have requested a change in the IRB protocol for her to be approved as a participant.”

Only Corey could pull off asking for a rewrite of the criteria for a research project funded by NIH!

This reminds me of her sophomore year of HS. Her science teacher was not her favorite. In fact, most of the students had difficulty grasping his manner of teaching. Corey challenged his scoring practices for homework and testing. By challenged, I mean stood up, rallied the other students and staged a walk out. (not a behavior I condoned but wasn’t surprised by either).

She lead her mutiny to the Vice Principal’s office. (He and I exchanged personal cell phone numbers her freshman year…this wasn’t the first difference of opinion with her teachers). The VP led Corey and her posse back to class. They held an organized, thoughtful debate sharing concerns and strategies that the students agreed would be fair. They wanted a more active part in their education and scores. The teacher agreed to consider the requests. By the end of the day I received a call from both the teacher and the VP. Her teacher shared his version of the ‘discussion’ and although he did not agree with Corey’s technique in expressing her opinion, he respected it and decided to change his grading structure. Corey has always expressed her opinion, especially when she believed there was more than one way to do something in order to attain greater results…usually in her favor!

She’s not in the Go Baby Go Cafe project yet….but fingers crossed, and PLEASE keep praying, the request will be approved by October 21st if not sooner.

Her earlier doctors appointments went well. Dr. Ruggiero, was the orthopedic surgeon that performed Corey’s tendon lengthening May 2012. He has seen Corey every 6 months since that date. (keep in mind, his first meeting, Corey was in a tilt-in-space wheelchair, with a feeding tube, and could not speak. Her right hand moved, her right leg could move and she had just started to wiggle her left toe. She had no movement of her left arm)

Today, Corey walked into his office with a cane (with my hands on her hips for guidance NOT support). His nurse brought him out of another room to witness her approach. He started chanting and clapping “COREY COREY COREY” as she walked down the hall to the exam room. He is very pleased with her left leg mobility, range of motion in her left foot and the therapy routine we plan on continuing post rehab. (side note: she has not had botox in her left leg for 6 months)

During our visit we discussed the Carrick Brain Center visit, possibility of joining the Go Baby Go Cafe, working at the Candy Store, and a few other leads I’m working on. We discussed cutting edge procedures and he was thrilled she is in on the ground floor for many of them. Before he left, he turned, held her hand and confidently stated, “next time I see you, you will be walking in here on your own”!

Next stop, Dr. Friedman; botox. Corey’s last shots were in her left shoulder, biceps and forearm to help with pronation (turning her hand palm up). The medicine only works for a short period of time. I was concerned her left arm is locking up and contracting again. Her next shot only lasted half its normal course. Dr. Friedman agreed and had a slight concern. Next shot will be November 4th but next time he’d like to experiment by adding electric stim. He’s hoping it will help the medicine spread deeper and last longer. If it doesn’t…we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Is it time for recess yet?