Hi Everyone,

The GoBabyGo Cafe research study is based on the theory that immersion in a workplace environment will not only promote but advance neuroplasticity increasing the subjects ability to improve in all areas within physical, occupational, speech, cognitive and Emotional and Behavioral therapies.

Corey has been in the study for 15 work days (30 hours). We have already seen amazing progress for balance, walking, standing, upper arm and hand dexterity, money recognition and clearer speech and communication. The true goal of the study is to increase quality of life for the survivor; are they happy, do they feel apart of their community, is the work they’re doing meaningful to them? If a person feels they’re contributing to their environment, it not only motivates them to continue working toward their personal goals, it establishes confidence and develops independence.

I would love to tell you all about the tasks Corey completed during her shift today…but I can’t.

Why you ask?

Because today she achieved one of the most significant accomplishments to date.

C – Mom, when we go to the cafe you can drop me off and go wait in the car, if that’s okay?

Corey worked for 2 hours with Devina. When she took her first break, she thought of something she wanted to tell me and asked Devina, “Can you message my mom and tell her…” – she remembered I was not in the building and knew Devina could reach me by phone.

When Corey originally interviewed with Devina, I remember Corey’s separation anxiety was quite high. Devina (not knowing the extent of her anxiety) teased her that she would get to the point she wouldn’t want me around. “You’ll be so comfortable, you’ll be like ‘mom see you, don’t hurry back'”. At the time, Corrine assured Devina that would never happen…never say never!

Today Corey proved the GoBabyGo Cafe’s theory. She was working in an environment she loves. She was productive and confident. For the first time in 5 years, she was independent, xoxo