Hi Everyone,

The Go Baby Go Harness system has been installed and Corey’s loving it!. She enters the kitchen each morning, puts the Harness ‘suit’ on (it looks like she’s ready to jump from a plane) and off she goes. She maneuvers the kitchen to get the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as walking to the cabinets and drawers to get her cooking tools, plates, bowls and spoons.

Her new found independence is exciting to watch. The free standing harness system gives her the confidence to know she will not fall as she continues to learn how to balance and walk independently. Although Caitlin and I technically don’t have to hold her gait belt, we do stand within a foot or two just to make sure if she stumbles she won’t glide forward like swinging on a zip line.

Tonight we head to Not Your Average Joe’s for the Harness House – Brain Injury Awareness month fundraiser. Corey’s memory of tonight’s event is intermittent. She’ll ask, “what are we doing today”?
M – Can you guess? (I don’t like to continually give her the answers, she must try to recall them with limited verbal que’s)
C – am I going to work?
M – yes, do you know where?
C – that part I forget…
M – a REAL restaurant
C – Joe’s?
M – You got it!
Corey’s facial expression is both excited and terrified then she adds
“I have been working hard every day and it’s finally happening”!
“what other restaurant can I work in next week”?
M – can we please get through today?!

We will take lots of pictures of Chef Corey wearing her new chef’s coat. Keep tuned for our next update on the carepage and Facebook xoxo