Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again! The Brain Injury Association of PA’s annual conference. We’re fortunate to be chosen to be speakers on Tuesday. This year we are presenting with Devina Kumar and Dr. Cole Galloway on the research study for the GoBabyGo Cafe and Harness House. We’re also excited Enliten will erect a free-standing unit for Corey to give a live demonstration. Our presentation would not be effective without Caitlin’s video, photography and tech talents. I come up with the idea and she makes it happen…thank goodness!

Our presentation will begin with a video history of Corey’s recovery timeline prior to the cafe and harness house. Mid-point, Devina will present her clinical data to support the project’s theory ‘Immersion in a real-world environment aides in advanced recovery’; Cole will present how they hope the harness will bridge mobility to enable a TBI survivor’s transition to their community; and we will close with Corey’s video/voice-over of her recent experience at Not Your Average Joe’s and her shopping trip to the grocery store. She will give a live demonstration as we open for Q&A.

The timeline footage is truly powerful. When you get caught in the day-to-day routine, it’s easy to forget where we started and all we’ve done to overcome each challenge. I’m so thankful we have her 5 year recovery documented. It’s also critical to the study as most survivors and their families are not documented beyond their second year.

Watching the presentation has been an excellent reminder – no matter how hard it gets, despite every minute we want to quit or take a break, we have to keep the hope of what we want for the future present as we try to cope each day…thank goodness for tenacity and our mantra – Never Give Up and Never Give In! xoxo