Hi Everyone,

The last few days have been really rough. Corey’s had a bad headache which is what the average person would feel after a concussion. She (as we know) is not the average person! She lost her ability to walk. Her knees buckled with each step. We went back to using the wheelchair in the house and I have been worried we lost the gains she’s made in the last year. I have been calm on the outside but shaking on the inside; PTSD is no joke!

This morning, her speech is back to her baseline. She walked using her cane from the chairlift to the kitchen table for breakfast. We joked with one another, “well that wasn’t pretty, but you did it.” Corey’s response, “I knew I had it in me!”

Thank you for your continued prayers. Keep them coming. We’re taking one minute at a time…NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER GIVE IN, xoxo