Hi Everyone,

It’s Corey. It’s been awhile but don’t you worry, I’m still here and still cooking. Today I would like to talk about Julia Child. She is one of the first female Chef’s to inspire me. I have videos from her TV shows that I love watching. She is fun to watch and is relatable. Sometimes she drops a part of whatever she’s making and laughs out loud at herself; say’s, “whoops” and keeps going.

Mom, Caitlin and I decided to research her. Did you know she was a really bad cook and ate frozen dinners before she got married? She learned to cook in her 40’s. She was the first female Chef to be in the Hall of Fame at the Culinary Institute of America and she was a Breast Cancer survivor.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Julia Child, we decided to cook Beef Bourguignon this week. For this recipe, keeping with the French Theme, we decided to use Caitlin’s favorite kitchen ‘gadget’; a Sous Vide.

To sous vide is to cook something in a water bath. We put our food in a plastic bag, placed in a bucket of water to slow cook. This recipe can be cooked between 16 and 24 hours! It takes a lot of planning and you definitely want to cook it the day before you want to eat it, but it’s totally worth it! Since the weather is getting colder, this is a fancy version of the comfort food we all crave.

If you want to try this at home, click here for the recipe. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of me creating one of Julia Child’s signature dishes.

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As Julia would say, “Bon Appetite”, xoxo