TBI: To Be Inspired

Day 6 – ICU

Corey had a really good day. First the non-medical highlights. The hospital Chaplin meets with the Neuro ICU team every Thursday. They talk about the families and the patients. Corey is the youngest patient on this wing at the moment. The nurses shared the picture...

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Day 5 – ICU

Hi guys, We're so glad we did this because reading all your posts is incredibly comforting and inspiring! It gives us strength knowing you all are out there helping us help corey! Today was a good day. Before I begin with the medical update, you all need to know what...

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Welcome to Corey’s Page

Thank you to everyone for all your calls, text messages and visits. Your love and support strengthens us to continue to help her. Corey's car accident was severe. She has many orthopedic injuries but no internal injuries. Our biggest concern is the Brain Trauma but we...

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