Tomorrow is Corey’s 18th birthday! She was actually born here at Christiana Hospital…we’ve come full circle. The Hospital Chaplin asked us if Corey’s friends and family were planning on coming into celebrate her birthday. That thought panicked us because our little waiting room isn’t that big! So the hospital has found us room in the cafeteria to have a birthday party for her. Our neighbor is bringing in a Costco sheet cake. If you’d like a slice, we will be down there between 7-8pm.

Corey obviously will not be able to join us. We will video tape the party and would love to have friends and families say a few words because we can use the video as part of her therapy when we get to rehab. For those of you that can’t make it, you can bet that when she can attend her own party, we’ll be renting the biggest hall we can find! Now THAT will be a party!

Clinically she had a big day!
They took Corey off the ventilator and she has been breathing through the trach by herself all day. This is very good progress. She was not taken down for the femur surgery but we hope that will happen tomorrow. Once that is complete, she will have an MRI to look at the interior of the brain.

Corey is still considered critical, but is out of the acute stage…another big move.
We were concerned that she hasn’t “moved” much in the last few days. As soon as that conversation was over, she has been spontaneously moving all her limbs. At this point we believe they are still reflexes and not sure if its cognitive responses. It’s difficult to tell when she can’t verbalize. She does appear to recognize voices and touch. This was evident when Shelly came to visit today. Shelly was in the accident with Corey and they are like sisters. When Shelly began talking to Corey, she was moving every limb, trying to open her eye and opened her mouth like she wanted to start gossiping with her girlfriend. It was an exciting and tearful reunion!
PS – your prayers have been working for Shelly too. She looks as beautiful as always and is getting around on crutches…she is now affectionately referred to as “Hop-Along”

Overall it’s been a good day.