Hi Everyone,

Fortunately it was still warm enough outside when I arrived at the rehab that Corey and I enjoyed the “teaser” that Mother Nature has sent to us.

We not only went for a walk but we also took time to sit and enjoy today. I’ve written before that we now live one day at a time. As we sit together in this moment, I do not take one second for granted. Sitting in the sun, holding hands, watching Corey as the breeze touches her skin I see her experiencing some of these sensations as if it were the first time she’d ever been exposed to it. What a privilege to be apart of this new life we share.

Corey had a good evening. She was vocalizing, squeezing our hand and even lifted her left knee!

We are so proud of you honey. You look great! You are getting stronger everyday and before you know it, we’ll be chasing you! Mom’s ready for bed kiddo. Hope you sleep well tonight, Happy dreams, xoxo