Hi Everyone,

Our case manager called with good news on today’s team meetings. Corey’s CRS scores fluctuated between 13 to15…UNBELIEVEABLE! This is amazing considering the week she had!

All the therapists agree that she is more consistent with her command following and she is very consistent with her communication using her thumbs up/down and squeezing her hand. They even deliberately alternated commands that required the use of upper and lower extremities. For instance; ‘Corey, thumbs up. Kick your leg. Point your finger. Lift your knee’ and so on. Corey was consistently accurate!

The team is also noticing increased range in her ankles as a result of the muscle block. Taking full advantage of her flexibility, they have been trying to use the tilt table and the easy stand chair to get her upright and standing every day. She is doing a wonderful job (with assistance). It takes 3 therapists to help her stand and maintain her stance. The therapists are beginning to notice that except for her hips, (which need the greatest support), she’s gained strength to stand for almost 5 minutes without a wobble. While standing, Corey is managing her trunk, neck and head control as well as corrects her ankle position.

Clinically, her blood work was drawn today and we should have some evaluations in a few days. The ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist will be in to see her on Thursday to evaluate the vertigo issues that appear to be worsening.

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better report. In fact, based on the CRS score, team findings, recent seizure activity, monitoring medications, food and vertigo issues, the Doctor is going to recommend a two week extension. That will take us to March 30th. Hopefully we’ll get it…There is always a chance we’ll be denied two weeks and we’ll have to show progress as usual next week…but keep your fingers crossed! Regardless, it’s a momentary respite to sigh and relax for just one night.

Corey, we received a Hallmark card today that is perfectly timed! It reads;

The greatest triumphs can rise from the most devastating defeats. When all is lost, there is everything to gain. Never, ever can you be so far down that you’re unable to pull yourself back up. There is always a way to transform loss into victory.

Rejoice in the good fortune of having made it through a bad experience and then set to work to turn it around. Not only can it be done, when you do it you’ll be creating a triumph of the greatest proportions.

Challenge yourself to be a turnaround specialist in your own life, in your own world. Look for challenging situations and pull the positive possibilities out of them. There are opportunities everywhere. From the mundane to the momentous, every difficulty is ripe with positive possibilities.

Life is filled with energy and far too much of it is negatively directed. Make it your job to redirect the enormous amount of energy around you into positive pursuits, and the world will marvel at what you accomplish.

This has already begun honey! I pray that someday you are fully aware of your accomplishment and the affect you’ve had on so many people. Haley, your camper from HPP, posted it accurately; “YOU are a role model to all of us”…you are to me too! I love you, xoxo