Hi Everyone,

Tonight I am filled with gratitude that Corey learned how to blow her nose! Seems silly I know; but truthfully we had to teach her how to cough, blow her nose and (we’re hoping) eventually get to sip a drink through a straw. I am continually reminded not to take the “little things in life” for granted for they are truly the most significant!

Yesterday Corey slept for 20 out of 24 hours. This morning started out very slow but as the day progressed, so did Corey. By this evening she had her appetite back and asked to get out of bed, shower and cook dinner with me. We whipped up some Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes and carrots with green beans. She ate every bite and then wanted to go to the candy store to visit Caitlin and get ice cream. I would say sleep was just what this girl needed! She is still stuffy but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Corey normally speaks with a nasal tone but now that she has a cold, it’s very difficult to understand her phrases. Brittany and Christa came for school therapy today. Corey did a great job with word recognition. Her trick ~ trace the letters and she can “read” any word. We are still fascinated by this. If you show Corey a letter from the alphabet, she does not recognize what the letter is. However, if she traces it with her finger or writes it, she is 100% correct.

It’s fascinating. Does she recognize the letter but can’t remember the name for it? Does she see the letters as a foreign language she’s never studied? The staff at Bryn Mawr and the school is intrigued by Corey’s auditory strength vs. her visual/cognitive limitations…but we’ll save that discussion for another post. Honey, for now we’ll celebrate the ability to hold a tissue and blow your own nose! xoxo