Hi Everyone,

Today was a big day for Corey. We have been working to build her strength, stamina and communication so she can try a new walking therapy. Bryn Mawr has a machine called the Lokomat. It is a robotic treadmill. Tuesday was her first day in the harness without the leg fittings just to see how she’d do. She was terrified and overwhelmed at first. We spent the first 40 minutes calming her down and reintroduced her to the machine and the room it’s in. She walked for 5 minutes. Caitlin used her cell phone to video tape the first session. We’ve casually shown it to her Wednesday and this morning to keep the memory fresh for her.

Today she had her second trial. Corey walked for 7 mins. She not only appeared to improve her steps, she enjoyed it without any hesitation! Natalie took the second half of the session to measure and fit her with the cuffs and harness so next week she’ll put on her “super suit” and go for a moon walk.

Bryn Mawr has not given us permission to film and post her session for the public to see. We are hoping they will not only allow us to film her but perhaps they will film her to promote this amazing machine as their marketing piece. (I’m negotiating)

In the meantime, rather than explaining the machine and therapy benefits, I’ve attached a YouTube video that will introduce the next phase of her recovery. We are very excited…ENJOY! xoxo