Hi Everyone,

Today I spoke with a very old friend. We’ve corresponded via Hallmark birthday cards for the last 3 years. We both have had significant life changes since the last physical phone call. The reunion was filled with the typical factual updates, laughter and sadness at some of the changes ~ then the conversation got real. Time and distance were no longer a factor. My mother used to say, ‘a true friend is someone you may not see for years but when you do, it’s as if you saw them yesterday’. She was right…

He commented that it continues to surprise him that we never know what direction our lives will take from one day to the next until our world changes. How many days do we take for granted?

Corey I’ve been thinking about this statement all afternoon. Someone said to me ‘Life happens to you’. I disagree, Life happens through you ~ we determine how to respond to those events and circumstances; that’s what determines the outcome.

Every day we are interacting with people and accomplishing tasks. Living is intentionally directing our energy to appreciate the people we meet, never losing site of the people we love and the tasks that fulfill us.

Events and Consequences will continue to happen but it’s up to us to respond with love, faith and purpose. Those actions will help us through anything life decides to throw at us.

Happy dreams, xoxo