Hi Everyone,

Today was a migraine day but guess who pushed through it? Corey was a little quieter this morning and the ride to Bryn Mawr was not filled with the usual repetitive questions; we actually drove in silence most of the way! (That should have been my first sign)

By the time we got to Bryn Mawr and Corey saw the building her anxiety kicked in. Our first session was OT. Good news, our behavioral plan using a conversational approach to her tantrums is working. She revealed several things; she didn’t remember Elaine, she thought I was dropping her off and leaving and she had a headache. Once we talked through each of her concerns and put her sunglasses back on to diffuse the light, she began her therapy. It was a very productive, exhausting session.

Corey slept soundly for an hour however her headache was getting stronger despite the Ibuprophen I administered then she didn’t want to eat lunch. We decided to find a quiet spot and I massaged her head before PT at 2pm.

I was concerned that Corey wouldn’t work with Natalie because of her migraine and insist on going home. Natalie greeted her quietly and we casually chatted about everything but the task at hand (another new strategy we are testing). After a few minutes we start walking towards the gym and without drawing attention to the day’s agenda we just ease into the tasks assignment. It worked…she had her first session walking in her “Super Suit”!

The Lokomat is an amazing machine, but I also want to point out that prior to her walking there is about 15-20 minutes of prep work before we can push the start button. Corey walks up the ramp to the center of the treadmill. Natalie puts the harness on her which has more straps, buckles and hooks than Houdini ever had to wear! Corey’s harness is then attached to an overhead bar suspended by more bungee cords. Once the harness is on and secure Natalie attaches the “Super Suit”. Her legs are padded and secured to 3 cuffs; thigh, calf and foot per leg + the hip and backrest is adjusted and locked. All of this for a 5 minute walk ~ keep in mind the steps described above have to be reversed in the end!

Corey loved it and did very well. Natalie thinks that Corey has good range of motion in her knees and ankles but thought her hips were a little stiff. It could be the result of the pelvic fracture as well as not getting the same movement from “land walking” as she does with the treadmill/robot suit. Overall Natalie was very pleased with Corey’s walk.

The walking was great but we were most excited with Corey’s communication and athletic discipline today. She felt terrible but pushed through it. When she felt anxious, she told Natalie, “I don’t know what we’re doing”. Natalie explained the process and Corey was ready to go. She kept her glasses on to help with the headache and smiled the entire time. She loved it!

Corey your headache escalated and rather than quit early to go home, you pushed through to get the job done. Never give up and Never give in. If you quit it would have only affected you. Instead you were disciplined, driven and demonstrated your commitment to yourself today. I am so proud of you, xoxo