Hi Everyone,

Just when I think Corey is at her breaking point, she rallies to pull it together and rises to the occasion. Last night and this morning was very difficult. Corey did not sleep and was very agitated. I was concerned we were going to have to cancel our special evening.

Two months ago I bought tickets to see Melody Gardot perform at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia. I have referenced Melody in the past. She called us this time last year to share her story. She was 19, riding her bike, crossing the intersection of 2nd and Callowhill in Philly when a car ran a red light and hit her. She was in a coma, diagnosed with a TBI and Spinal Cord injury; was in a body cast for 1 year and did not speak for the first 2 years of her recovery. Her accident was November of 2003.

When she called us she highly recommended Music Therapy for Corey. It was that suggestion that started our sing along during spa nights. Corey began with the simple motion of opening and closing her mouth as she tried to sing the lyrics to her favorite IPod songs. Shortly there after, she found her voice.

Tonight we watched Melody on stage. She wears sunglasses due to light sensitivity and still uses a cane to steady herself but she sang, danced, and played the piano and the guitar. All I could think of was the thought that this woman was immobile 9 years ago.

She told me that Corey’s story reminded her of her own. She had to learn to walk, eat and talk again. It was 6 years before she was independent of her mother but continues her therapy to this day. Watching her tonight gave me the renewed Hope I have felt slipping away.

We not only enjoyed listening to this entertainer, we were invited backstage after the concert to meet her (check out the photo gallery). She is lovelier in person. Corey told her, “good job, you did great up there”. “I hurt my brain too.” “when I see you I think I can be there someday…why not”? Melody assured her that there is no reason she can’t do whatever she dreams of. She encouraged her not to give up because recovery is a very long road. She turned to me and gave me a hug whispering that patience is very difficult but it’s what will help Corey get there.

Melody’s last statement to Corey was to “remember this; recovery is a mountain that’s really hard to climb but once you reach the top it’s oh so beautiful”!

Slow but steady, we continue to climb…xoxo