Hi Everyone,

Since March, Corey has moved from soft solids to eating any food she wants! After years of being a vegetarian, Uncle Tom loves that she’s eating “meat”…that has been his nickname for her since middle school. I believe her body is craving the protein…he just loves that she is asking for Steak and Hot Dogs!

Despite Tom’s delight in Corey becoming a carnivore, she’s progressed from thickened liquids to water (about 4 stages). Over the last few weeks we’ve been preparing Corey not only to drink thins but to take her medicine crushed in yogurt. She’s been tolerating it very well. We are only using her feeding tube for hydration until she can drink up to 64 ounces of water daily. Once that is consistent, we can have the feeding tube removed.

Here’s the BIG news ~ Today… she swallowed her 2pm, 6pm and 10pm medications in pill form with a glass of water! Her liquid intake was 30 ounces. Next goal is to add the 6am meds.