Hi Everyone,

We had a fun weekend with family and friends! Caitlin’s comedy show was a big success. If you haven’t had the chance to meet her, trust me, she’s a riot! She reminds me of a young Robin Williams (minus the cursing and inappropriate subject matter) and Tracey Ullman with her own unique characters.

When you listen to Caitlin’s monologues you can’t stop laughing from one character to the next. The persona of these characters is enhanced by her ability to use accents! This year in addition to the introduction of Olga, a Russian immigrant that came to America to be a comedian and Cindy Schnoobner, a 5th grade girl (with a lisp) who is currently the Regional President of the Katie Perry fan club, she thought she’d share a bit more about herself.

She described the subtle differences between working at Wawa in Philly vs. Nottingham, PA…her comparison between Hobo’s and the Amish are quite intriguing. She also shared her personal experiences of growing up a nerd and as the middle child.

“Being the middle child you’d think I’d have an advantage over a younger sibling.” “Most of you know my sister and she’s no push over…I didn’t win a board game until I was 20”!
“Do you know what it’s like to lose at LIFE”?
“To mortgage you mobile home to your brother the “Doctor and your younger sister makes it to Shady Acres to join the Millionaire Club”?

She closed her show with the accomplishments she and Corey have achieved this year.

“Corey learned to walk” ~ “At almost 23, I got my learners permit”
“Corey is eating” ~ “I got a second job handling food”
“Corey moved upstairs” ~ “I moved to my mother’s basement”

Before Caitlin said her final thank you’s, Corey had a surprise for her sister. I helped her to stand and walk from the front row to the stage to hand Caitlin a bouquet of flowers. Caitlin commented, “Last year I had to walk to you to get my flowers…this is service and progress”! She handed Corey the microphone, Corey turned and addressed the audience;

“Thank you for coming tonight”. She handed the mic back to Caitlin and waved to a standing ovation! It was a great night, xoxo