Hi Everyone,

It has been a week since our last visit to Bryn Mawr. Corey did well but she was very stiff. We can only do so much at home and today’s therapy sessions with OT and PT validated how critical the acute level of rehabilitation is to her recovery.

Despite needing extra warm up time, Corey exceeded her Lokomat record. She walked the equivalent of 6 football fields ~ including the end zones!

Our conversations and videos of Natalie, Kate and Elaine are proving to be invaluable for overcoming her anxiety. The ride up to Bryn Mawr and the transitions from one therapy session to the next are significantly less traumatic for her. “Nervous Nelly” still escorts us throughout the day but “confident Corey” attends therapy! (We’ll deal with the psychiatric counseling for multiple personality disorders later).

I’m hoping to post a few new OT videos tomorrow so stayed tuned for your visual progress update on YouTube.

Happy dreams, xoxo