Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

My brother Tom and sister-in-law Marjy have a special family tradition. Instead of a formal prayer at dinner, they share “Thankfuls”. Each person recites what they were most thankful for this year.

Corey sat at the head of our table and we were all very thankful. Who would have thought we would be in Arizona this year?

Two years ago she had her trach removed thanksgiving weekend. Last year she ate formula through her feeding tube and couldn’t speak. Today she walked in/out of the pool, swam with the kids, lifted her glass for a Thanksgiving toast with sparkling cider and ate a full course Turkey dinner with dessert!

We gave our “Thankful’s” to Corey. We thanked her for working hard. Her hard work has allowed her to sit at the table, walk, talk, eat, drink and laugh with us. She looked around at all of us, smiled and said “You’re Welcome”!

Check out the gallery for new pictures and we hope you enjoy watching Corey’s Aqua therapy on YouTube.

All our love
The Beattie’s xoxo

Corey Beattie PT Shenanigan’s

Corey Beattie Steppin’ up and out