Hi Everyone,

I closed Friday’s post with the correct adjective ~ Celebrate.

I will be turning 50 on the 15th but we started the celebration on the 1st. It was a great night with Family and Friends. We danced, laughed, told stories and of course one of the highlights was a “Roast”; I mean “Toast” from Caitlin. I was nervous but she decided to go easy on me…except for that one AARP joke!

I was not only surrounded by family but friends from High School, College, Work and my local Family; the friends I’ve made over the last 21 years of living in our community.

One of my favorite gifts was Corey standing up to join me on the dance floor. JohnPaul played a song dedicated to us. She sang to Queen’s “You’re my Best Friend” as we danced together.

“Celebrate” was the perfect word! xoxo