Hi Everyone,

Like millions of families across the country we watched the coverage of the Sandy Hook shootings. We were silently watching; I was crying thinking of the parents that got the call no parent wants to receive. I was thinking of the personnel that had to dial their number and the teachers trying to remain calm so they could keep their students safe and not show their own fear. I watched footage of policemen and firemen responding to the call knowing they must be thinking of their own children.

Corey turned to me, saw my tears and said, “Don’t be sad Mom, they’re in heaven. It’s fun there”.
M – How do you know that?
C – I was there for a little bit
M – When?
C – When the men tried to help me
M – What men?
C – The men I watched
M – Do you mean the EMT’s?
C – There were a lot of them. I watched them
M – Where were you?
C – Where ever I was
M – Then what happened?
C – I left. I went to heaven for a little bit.
M – What did it look like?
C – like all the pictures
M – What was it like?
C – (She looked at me with a big smile) it was fun
M – Who was there?
C – Jesus
M – Did you talk to him?
C – He told me I couldn’t stay. It wasn’t my turn yet, but I could come back someday.
M – Did you want to stay?
C – Just for a few weeks.
C – He told me when I got home I would be fine.
M – What happened next?
C – I went home. I couldn’t see you. There were a lot of people in my room.
M – Who were they?
C – I don’t know. They were all talking. I don’t remember; it wasn’t my room in my home.
M – Corey, what about the children in Connecticut?
C – (She smiled and reached out to hold my hand) they’re having fun now.

What a beautiful, comforting image. This weekend as we run around finishing chores, preparing for the holiday or working our weekend shifts, please take a minute to stop. Life can change in a heartbeat. We sign off with hugs and kisses every day…reach out and share them with your family, xoxo