Hi Everyone,

Today was a monumental day…another milestone…NO MORE FEEDING TUBE!

We met Dr. Long after Corey’s day of therapy. She transferred to the exam table to lie down. Dr. Long asked her if she knew what crunches were. She demonstrated a partial sit up. He loved it and said, “Okay, on 3 I want you to do another crunch”. He and the nurses were very nervous because the removal of the feeding tube is done without anesthesia or numbing agent and most patients find it very painful.

The nurses were guarding her legs and I stood by Corey’s head, holding her arms. “1 ~ 2 ~ 3” … Dr. Long pulled hard and Corey didn’t flinch! We all looked at her in shock; waiting for the residual pain to escalate…nothing…she just smiled and looked at us, “I’m so happy! Bye Bye Tube; it’s about time”. We laughed out loud. Dr. Long told Corey she was an amazing trooper. They were very impressed with her pain tolerance.

Our next milestone…walking independently!

Corey you truly are amazing. You have pushed through so much. I want you to hear a few paragraphs of today’s daily motivation; you prove his point! xoxo

Great Progress ~ Ralph Marston

The obstacle is not the problem. The problem is when you let it stop you.
When there is one path that is blocked, most likely there are dozens of other routes available. You can choose to make excuses, or you can choose to make use of your imagination and your ability to innovate.

Don’t focus on what’s stopping you. Put your focus on the eventual reward that’s compelling you to move forward.

You’ve already come a very long way, and it certainly hasn’t been in a challenge-free environment. Even though there are more challenges now, you are most certainly capable of continuing to make great progress.