Hi Everyone,

In past entries I’ve mentioned Corey’s childhood friend Selina. They met in Kindergarten and have remained close friends. Selina’s parents, Paul and Lisa, “adopted” Corey years ago. Paul always reminded Corey of her Uncle Tom (which meant Paul would torment her and she could not only take it, she could dish it right back…he loved that about her!)

I’m not sure what year the following event originally occurred but it was a Christmas “tradition” for Corey to steal the figure of baby Jesus from their crèche and leave a ransom note in His place. Lisa and Paul never knew how Corey did it. One year, Lisa followed Corey the entire time she was in her home. After Corey left Lisa felt relieved that baby Jesus was safely resting in His crib when to her surprise He was missing and all she found was yet another ransom note! To this day, she has no idea how she missed the switch.

When the Scharr’s heard of Corey’s accident, they went up to the attic, opened the crèche and brought baby Jesus to the ICU. Christmas of 2010, I asked Paul and Lisa if they wanted me to bring the figurine back for their holiday display. Paul told me he didn’t want it back until Corey could walk in and put Him back in His crib her self.

There was a knock at the door. Paul answered expecting Selina and found Corey standing in front of him instead. She cleared the step and crossed the threshold to walk down the hall. Lisa joined Paul. Initially they were excited for the holiday visit but then they remembered…they knew she was walking in to bring the Infant home.

We walked into their Kitchen to the shelf that displayed the manger. Corey reached up and placed the carved figure in the empty crib. “Here you go. He helped me get better”.

For many, a Christmas Miracle has lost its meaning. Tonight His gift to us was the privilege of witnessing its true definition. Merry Christmas, xoxo