Hi Everyone,

It’s time Corey and I take our training wheels off.

For Corey, we have been parking the wheelchair in the foyer and she has been walking with me throughout the house. We are also beginning to experiment with a walker. Corey can not stand independently; however, the walker has two arm platforms that stabilize her upper torso so Natalie can guide her hips and feet. Tomorrow, in addition to the Lokomat, we will be taking her new wheels for another spin.

For me; I received a call from Medicaid Friday night. Good news; they have approved skilled nursing. Bad news; they are cutting our hours by 2/3. The physician that made the decision feels Corey is not a risk after the approved 9-5 shift. They did not approve overnight care. WE WILL APPEAL tomorrow. She does not sleep through the night; she sleeps with her head at 30 degrees to prevent aspiration and if she falls off her pillow she can not independently roll over to readjust her position and wakes up gagging/choking (picture a turtle that lands on their back). In addition, I’m guessing they don’t realize I can not cover 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and continue to function as a person or a professional?

APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL…Imagine where we would be if we accepted our 1st NO?

I was livid Friday night! To prepare for the next round I didn’t use car therapy, I used the pitch and throw technique. My closest girlfriends can tell you when I am that mad and pushed beyond my limits, I have to clean and reorganize. Saturday was a “busy” day! I pick a room (or several rooms) and literally clear out everything in my path (you’ve heard of Grant taking Richmond ~ you should see Marie takes on closets and drawers).

If my environment is a mess and unorganized, I can’t think clearly. Going through the “stuff” and having a pitch & throw party is a more productive use of my anger than decorating for a pity party! The end result; I’m much calmer, I’ve collected my thoughts, created our new outline for the appeal and my house looks great ~ I call it “creative behavior therapy for the caregiver”!

Tomorrow Corey and I will pick up our big girl pants, grab onto those handlebars and start peddling again…just wait till we hit the top of the next mountain, xoxo