Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we reminded ourselves to have patience with the time it takes to make changes.

Corey has been very frustrated with her progress and her memory loss over the last few months. We try to remind her of where she was and how far she’s come. One moment she seems to understand but within seconds her memory doesn’t recall the repetitive explanation and she reacts with heightened emotions and anxiety. According to the families I network with and the case studies I’ve managed to research, this is not uncommon…it’s actually progress! (Exhausting but positive)

Corey’s therapy is a team effort. We share the tasks we work on at home with the Bryn Mawr team and vice versa. The continuity of this team approach is the basis for the strides she’s made. In the moments of clarity, Corey will tell you “I’m getting better little by little”. From your seats her progress has been rapid. From her seat it’s been moving at a snails pace. What amazes me is her tenacity.

Brittany, our school OT, began working on Corey’s ability to grasp an object with her left hand, rotating the object (pronation-palm down; and supination-palm up) then extending her hand to release the object. Today we shared this exercise with Elaine.

We continue to document her achievements. So far this media approach can help comfort her (even if it is in a brief moment of clarity). We invite you to share in another first. You will see for yourselves, today’s accomplishment is tremendous on many levels. I love to watch her concentration. You can read her thought process as she problem solves to complete her task. Ultimately, her determination continues to inspire me. xoxo

Corey Beattie – Little by Little