Hi Everyone,

We hit the wall today ~ unfortunately this is normal for TBI recovery. What is most challenging is standing back up to make another attempt to climb over or find a way around the bricks.

I read an interesting article on creating a vision and developing goals. A goal is something you intend to accomplish. A vision is the way you intend to feel about that achievement. A vision inspires and motivates you to work towards the goal. It’s not easy to develop or maintain a vision and it can easily be influenced by external forces. If we allow our vision to be tainted when our enthusiasm or energy wanes, our goals will never be realized.

Today Corrine exhausted our energy. Yesterday we had a glimpse at what we are trying to achieve. We have to hold onto those positive moments especially when we are in the midst of a tantrum. Our vision for living a fulfilled, joyful life when we achieve the goal of full recovery is possible ~ ONLY if we consistently fill our vision with positive images of the life we want. See it and it will happen.

Corey, tomorrow we will wipe away the fingerprints on our rose colored glasses and head straight to the dry cleaners to pick up our capes…we can do this!