Hi Everyone,

Today was a stellar day!

It started out with the usual arguments and anxiety but when we met Kate in her room Corey opened up explaining her internal fears. Despite our prep conversation/video on the ride up, she didn’t remember the building and didn’t recognize or connect Kate with her therapy video.

We gave her permission to be afraid and acknowledged her anxiety. She stopped kicking, screaming and hitting, turned to Kate as Kate spoke and not only engaged in conversation, she participated in the entire session without my interaction!

The same scenario was repeated later in the day with Elaine. For the first time in over a month, Elaine physically sat next to Corey instead of across a table. She allowed Elaine to stretch her arm and used the wooden box to exercise her shoulder. She initiated conversation with Elaine and looked at me as a secondary source to answer questions. When we asked Corey how we could help her feel more comfortable with Elaine, she told us she likes to keep her back to the door so she doesn’t see people coming at her BUT she wants me to tell her when someone is entering the room and which side they will pass her on. She also asked me to reintroduce her to who ever comes in. This direction in and of itself is amazing.

I can’t explain why she was polite, cooperative or chose to participate in either session; especially since yesterday was one of the most difficult and emotionally draining we’ve had to endure to date. Whatever the reason, we’ll take it! There’s no guarantee that today’s behavior will be repeated tomorrow but frankly it doesn’t matter. Today is the first day in many months that I actually felt serenity, joy and excitement to once again see her progress.

For those of you who missed the link to Corey’s treadmill video on YouTube, Bryn Mawr has posted it on their website along with a patient highlight article about her. Each are found on their home page, enjoy! Xoxo


Video is called Robot Assists in Therapy at Bryn Mawr Rehab
Article is Patient Spotlight on Corey Beattie