Hi Everyone,

What a day! The clock reads 9:30pm but Corey and I feel like its 3am.

It was a tough day for her as her anxiety is getting more severe as she continues to emerge. She floats between being cooperative and in the next breath she implodes, lashes out and becomes violent. During these episodes, we remain calm to talk her off the ledge and convince her she’s safe. Most times we can get her to re-engage so we get most of her session completed.

Despite her physical strides, she is considered minimally conscious. This is extremely difficult for most therapists and even our friends/family to understand because she appears to be on point, insightful, alert and aware. This is one of the greatest struggles for most TBI patients and their families. It is also the reason we continue to fight for long term rehabilitation including cognitive therapy. The difficulty with cognitive therapy is two fold. Most insurances consider it experimental and most therapists are used to treating a higher functioning patient. That leaves the lower to moderate level patients and their families to recreate the wheel so to speak.

Please pray that Corey’s anxiety levels will balance out and my patience will remain constant and/or increase!!

To close on a positive note; Natalie began her re-evaluation measurements. We have been working hard on Corey’s home therapy exercises to try and not only prevent further foot drop but hopefully regain some of her range of motion in the left leg and foot. Natalie’s measurement of the left foot showed Corey back up from zero to a +5!
See…we’re not just sitting around eating bonbon’s all day! Xoxo