Hi Everyone,

This is Corey
Thank you everyone for helping me get better
You are encouraging me to get better
Without all of you I would not be getting better anymore
I met a girl today that was a lump of love like I was
I told her she can do it just like me
Do not give up or in
I did not give up and now I am here I am fine
I did not give up even though it was hard and now I am fine
I could not do anything either but I am not like that anymore
I am glad I can walk now
I have two legs that work
I can talk for ever and ever sooooo long
My sister is my favorite friend to talk to because she has been through everything I have been through with me
I can cook again
I can stand up while I am cooking
I have two arms that work
I can give stand up hugs
That makes me happy because my brother is tall and I could not stand up to give him a hug now I can
I used to pet Roxie and Amelia with my foot now I can pet them with my hands
Its hard to relearn everything but if someone works really hard they can do it no matter what

Thank you everyone for staying by me
Love Corey xoxo