Hi Everyone,

This is Corey

I got measured for a new wheelchair
I can use a practice chair to get used to it
I can walk with my feet like Fred Flintstone
And I can move the wheel with my right hand so I can steer
I can lock the wheels with both of my hands
I get to pick whatever color I want and I think I want purple
It is comfortable to sit in
I don’t know how long I will be in it before I can walk but until then it helps me get from place to place

I ask my mom every day when I can get out of the chair and when can I stop all my therapy
But if I quit I won’t get better or get out of my chair
I want to drive my kids around
That might require a mini van
I want to walk on the beach
And swim
I want to go on the boardwalk
I want to travel to France, Italy and I really want to go to London and see my Uncle Frank
I want to get a job and work
And I will be a great chef when I get better

I have to work hard
Do not give up or in
And I have to try hard not to let negative nanci take over

This is Marie
It was very exciting to watch Corey try her new chair today. She instinctually moved both feet to propel her chair down the hallway. I can just see her and JohnPaul having wheelchair races on the driveway! The greatest thrill was watching her release the left break using her left hand. It took extra effort and a little help from Elaine but she also placed the left lever in the locked position!!

I remember the “fitting” for her current chair 2 yrs ago. She was unable to hold her head independently and could not sit in an upright position without another person bracing her so she wouldn’t fall over. I remember how heavy my heart was thinking about Corey searching for her first car, knowing this wasn’t the “ride” she was expecting.

This new chair represents another level of her recovery we could not have expected 6 months ago, yet here we are. Today my heart was filled with joy to watch her.
Never give up and never give in
Every day presents new challenges we don’t think we have the strength or stamina to push through; and then there is a moment that presents itself that clearly shows us we are yards ahead of where we were.

Tomorrow we face another challenge. Corey has to have another closed MRI for the pituitary tumor, with contrast! Not only is the MRI closed, she will have an IV for the contrast solution and be strapped down in a caged helmet for almost 3 hours. We (and please include me in this) need prayers. I wear the radioactive suit and hold her hands throughout the test talking to her to keep her calm; they have already told me I can not get my own IV…so much for caring for the caregiver!!

Wish us luck! xoxo