Hi Everyone,

We had a successful day, not one glitch in the plan!

Our day began at Jefferson with Corey’s seizure specialist. Dr. S. hasn’t seen Corey since October. He was shocked to witness her progress (he met her when she could not speak and had limited mobility).

His Neuro exam not only included a cognitive eval but demonstration of her walking as well. He was thrilled by her movement and ability to express herself and strongly encouraged continuing our regimen of acute therapy. We told him we were on our way to Capital Hill to ask for change in Legislation to accomplish just that for all TBI patients. Dr S. was very emphatic and asked us to please “ask the hard questions and insist on holding the congressman accountable for their answers”! He then sighted several statistics from his own practice, the limitations and frustrations he encounters on a daily basis and his support for our platform. We promised to introduce some of his statistics and, with any luck, try to schedule subsequent meetings to keep the conversations and networking towards the positive changes we all know are needed.
It was surprising to hear the passion and support of this respected professional.

Our Amtrak ride was perfectly uneventful. The staff was very helpful assisting us on and off the train. Corey was nervous and didnt like the loud engine noises but handled the trip well.

Royal cab is the only transportation service in DC that has disability vans. I placed a reservation with them several weeks ago. They called my cell phone as we arrived in Union Station to let me know our driver was waiting for our arrival and where we could find him.

Corey is in bed beside me, sleeping soundly. I have a little more homework for our presentations tomorrow and then I, too, will call it a night.
Wish us luck for day 2 of our DC adventure!