Hi Everyone,

We had a great time at the beach. Corey was able to do more then we expected. The condo had an elevator. She maneuvered the house with one-on-one assistance without using her wheelchair all week. The beach wheelchair was a godsend! It helped us not only get to the beach, on the beach but to the waters edge allowing her to step/slide off the chair and stand in the bay. We bought “pool noodles” and a “kick board” to help her float in our arms as we pulled her to deeper waters; this was especially refreshing on the hot days.

We packed lunches, snacks and magazines to nourish and entertain us inbetween naps and watching the little children play at the waters edge. Corey, moving both legs, dug holes as she sat in her beach chair. She was enjoying the touch of the sand…I was enjoying her Beach PT session!

Our evenings lingered at the diningroom table, chatting, playing games, laughing and watching the sunset from our 2nd floor window. The grand finale was enjoying the towns fireworks show from our roof deck.

We took many pictures to help Corey remember her week. Her short term memory is our only disappointment from the experience. Although she doesn’t recall the details, she was very present each day…but each day is a clean slate. I was feeling sad about this when I recalled talking with Marilyn Spivack at our conference a few weeks ago. I mentioned to her that Corey’s memory loss is one of the most difficult challenges we face on a daily basis. She commented on Corey’s demenour. “To look at her, sit with her and speak with her, she is in the moment”. “What a gift it is to live in the moment”. “Not worrying about tomorrow or holding onto past disappointments but to be content and happy living in the present”. Marilyn smiled, her eyes showing a bit of envy, “I think she is teaching us how to live a fulfilling life”.

Last week we cherished 7 extraordinary single days. Life is VERY good! xoxo