Hi Everyone,

I’m feeling much better tonight. Fever free and more mobile…I know…I promise not to over due it!

We spent a slow relaxed day together. As I spent time with Corey I couldn’t stop thinking about her peddling the stationary bike. She has been Chatty Cathy this week as well. I love her sense of humor. I have also noticed increased movement and flexibility of her left side. She’s instinctually opening her left hand to hold a bowl as she scoops its content with the spoon in her right hand. For another task she routinely grasps the bottom of a bottle with her left hand to open the lid with her right to refill her beverage. Caitlin called to me from Corey’s bathroom tonight; Corey prepared her toothbrush, brushed her teeth, rinsed, dried the sink and put the toothbrush away as she stood upright against the sink (Caitlin was standing behind her for positional support only).

The ritual of brushing her teeth and the simple motions to feed herself may seem inconsequential, but it is in fact amazing for this young woman! It was just a year ago her left arm and leg were paralyzed.

From the time Corey was a toddler, she was fiercely independent. For the last 3 years every movement and bodily function has been dependent on others and their availability to help her master them. Imagine the humility she has had to learn, accept and endure? Each new accomplishment is a step closer to regaining her independence. I find myself staring at her in awe. Her concentration, her pride, her determination. I am amazed at how far she has come. She is unaware that each movement, conversation and smile is a true miracle.

Tonight I’m filled with gratitude, xoxo