Hi Everyone,

Tonights post is all about Caitlin!

BIG NEWS; She passed her drivers test! I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “wait a minute, isn’t Caitlin older then Corey”? Yes, she’s 23 turning 24 but when she was 16 she had no interest in driving, primarily b/c she was in several accidents with classmates as a passenger. At 18 when she enrolled in college at the Art Institute of Philadelphia she utilized mass transit and didn’t need a driver’s license.

The last year of working 2 jobs and “Finding Rides”, she decided she was ready and it was time to “go for it”.
The back roads of Chester County are some of the best obstacle courses to teach a new driver how to drive. She mastered the rural terraine and the highway that leads us to “the city”. I even rode shotgun as she drove into Philly to sign up for this coming semester. She is a very good driver (and I was a good passenger in city traffic!).

Today she drove to Chambersburg, PA to take her driver’s exam. For those of you who know her stand up act, she has a character she’s developed named “OLGA” from Russia. When she arrived at the DMV, Denny (OLGA’s brother) was assigned to give her the drivers test. She instantly thought it was a sign that she’d pass. What are the chances of driving 2 hours to take an exam and being assigned a Russian speaking driving instructor? Tell me it doesn’t scream “You Passed”. Needless to say, her experience will be shared at Corey’s Comedy night on October 12th!

Tonight we celebrated with champagne….a well deserved tribute to a young woman that exemplifies the definitition of courage. She has earned her wings! She put her college degree on hold for her sister but resumes her courses as of September 30th. She’s a super Senior! 5-6 quarters to go and she will earn a BFA in Photography.

Cheers to you Caitlin! We are so proud of you, xoxo