Hi Everyone,

We had a very good weekend. As many of you know; 3 years ago, September 2010, Corey and her cousin Christy decided to train for the half marathon in 2011. Less then 3 weeks from their pack, Corey was in her accident. Christy and her sisters, Kerri and Katie, vowed to run the race every year until Corey could run with them. The 1st year they organized a team of 10; each runner found sponsors for their ½ marathon fundraiser. The 2nd year the team grew to 18 runners. This year TEAM COREY was 26 strong!

Saturday we headed into Philadelphia for the Runner’s Pre-race dinner. Corey had a few surprises for the team. This year she walked into the dinner with her walker (we filmed her grand entrance and posted it on YouTube. For those of you on Facebook, check out the album on my page)

Corey Beattie Look Ma No Hands

Corey not only recited a mini-thank you speech to all the dinner guests, she also penned a Thank You note;

Hi Everyone,
I am Corey and you are here today running for my recovery.
When I was almost 18 I was in a car accident with my BF Shelly.
That was 3 years ago.
All of the Doctor’s had no faith in me and they said I would be a lump of love forever and never be able to do any thing.
Well I don’t like to listen to what they say so now I am walking talking eating and drinking.
So basically I proved them all wrong and it took a lot of time but now I’m here.
Without therapy I would never be where i am today.
Now I happen to be turning 21 no big deal or anything
(They did not take my whit away from me, when they hit me in the head).
Anyway I want to thank everyone that is here running for me.
Without all of your love and support I would not be walking, let alone dream of running.
So thank you all because staying by my side has meant more than I can even fathom.
Everyone, please run your best and as good as you possibly can.
Love Corey xoxo

The race started bright and early this morning. It was a beautiful day to run. As we made our way along the route to the finish line at the Art Musuem, Corey asked me “what do I have to do to get out of this wheelchair”? I assured her that every day she works to achieve that goal. That answer wasn’t good enough. She asked to get up and walk along the sidewalk across from the finish line so she could greet the runners. She even gave her cousin Becky a “stand up hug”. PS-Becky’s first ½ Marathon was in 2011 for Corey. Last night Becky told Corey she wanted to try and run the race in under 2 hours. If she did, she asked Corey if she’d cook her dinner ~ Corey will be preparing a chicken and pasta dinner for Becky!

We left Philly to attend another special event for Corey ~ the Battle of the Bands. Thank You to Bob and Mary Angela, their girls and the 4 bands that performed at the outdoor concert. Lin Boggs, our local Avon representative, set up a tent to showcase this years Avon stuffed animal (a plush Monkey) as well as sponsor a portion of this months sales to Corey’s trust fund.

We not only enjoyed great music, the food provided by Corey’s Culinary High School program was delicious. Thank you, Chef D and this year’s culinary students for your help.

Corey handled the crowds and the schedule fairly well. Thank you to Christy, Katie, Kerri, all the runners, Bob and Mary Angela, all the bands and all the friends and families that donated their time, love and financial support for Corey.

On the ride home tonight, Corey told me “Mom, that was fun but next year I don’t want to watch everyone from my wheelchair”.

Corey, something tells me you will be running that ½ then going to sing and dance at the concert! You’ll do it; it’s a Matter of Time, xoxo