hi everyone once again its corey and today was a very big day for me.

first of all i improved on my timed walking with natalie. and i tested climbing up and down a flight of stairs., and had to go on the mat to show Natalie just how high i could kick oh and i went on a bike and peddled for almost 10 minutes.
don’t worry i passed.

and i had to get tested by Elaine too. she needed to see how high i could lift my non dominant arm and also pick up pegs and put them in a peg board. but there was a FIRST i used the so called cheese grater (the wooden box on a slant board – it was in my recovery video) Elaine put two pound weights in the box to test my left arm.
with very little help from Elaine i basically, crushed it!!

you know what was hard to do was putting lipstick on with only one hand while i happened to be looking in a compact mirror. not only could i first of all do it but i did it without missing my lips and end up looking like a clown.

soo tomorrow, me mom and my sister caitlin go to costco to pick up my birthday cake. i cant wait for my actual birthday because i cant wait to see all of my friends and family.

if you can not come to the comedy night please give me a present by doing something fun to celebrate the weekend, xoxo