Hi Everyone,

today was a big day! my van is officially sold. my van was very important to me and my family but it was basically a crutch holding me back from getting better. now i can keep moving forward. my next step will be driving after i am walking all by myself. i do not know when that will happen but i will keep trying and looking forward to that day. we hope that the new family has as many safe rides as we did

today i also played UNO and happened to beat my sister 3 times. i rode the bike and stretched and then i got angry and threw a tennis ball at natalie. we decided it was time to go and we walked out of the gym all the way to the front door. which was not really close by; that was a workout within itself! so i think it was a really good day.

so as far as i’m concerned i hope none of you have to do anything you do not want to do, but if you have to i hope you can power through it…make sure that incase you are mad you have tennis balls handy, xoxo