Hi Everyone,

Corey’s “tricky thinking” worked! She tried something new and achieved another first.

We arrived for our 11am session to find our speech session was switched with PT. Corey was NOT ready and NOT happy about the change but a few quick conversational distractions later, she was walking down the hall using her new methodology ‘pretending’ it was the aisle of the church for JohnPaul and Jackie’s wedding; thank goodness for Jackie the aisle of their church is not as long as the path to the out-patient gym.

We arrived at the gym and redirected Corey for a second time to workout on the NuStep bike. More creative conversation helped to get her into position. She was furious at one point which worked to her benefit. The angrier she got the faster she peddled, 15 minutes later she was finished (thank goodness it was a recumbent bike. If that bike actually had wheels she would have been half way home at the pace she was keeping). In case you were wondering, Natalie and I stay calm throughout Corey’s outbursts continuing to give direction and maintaining casual conversations as if we all were getting along.

We were 30 minutes into the hour session as Corey dismounted the bike, walked back towards the Neuro Out Patient center when Natalie decided to give Corey a break. As Corey rested, she stayed with our tech, I ran to get her bag and Natalie stepped into the rehab supply closet. I returned within minutes. I approached the women when Corey pointed to Natalie and yelled, “SHE (pointing to Natalie) wants to try something new and for the record, I am not happy about it”! Natalie was holding a forearm cane. (and for the record, I was thrilled Corey verbalized her emotion instead of Corrine kicking and screaming…a major step forward for behavioral rehab)

A forearm cane has a cuff that hugs a persons forearm as they grip the handle for support. Natalie explained that the cane is like a T-shirt. We just want to try it on to see if it fits and how it feels. If it doesn’t work, no big deal. I was thrilled. This is exactly what I had hoped Corey could progress to but never thought it could be this soon. I was very excited and explained that this cane was an advanced step beyond her double arm platform walker. Her hard work actually helped her advance beyond the traditional step down walker to move directly towards a cane. “I can’t WAIT to see you walk with this”! Next thing we knew, she was up ready to try. Natalie cautioned Corey that it might not work the first time so don’t get upset if it didn’t. That’s all she had to say… Corey held the cane in her right arm as Natalie held her hips to assist her left side and left leg and off she went as if she was strolling in a park. She walked 30 feet! Then it was my turn to walk with her; Corey did well but guess who has homework before Thursday? Not Corey, I’m the one that needs practice walking beside her now.

Corey couldn’t wait to text the kids. JohnPaul wrote back ‘Soooooper GOOD JOB and not to worry about the wedding, I’ll carry you if I have to’. Corey’s response, ‘Ok but I want to keep walking down the aisle as a goal in my head’. She’s determined and just wait, she’ll do it!

Once Corey and I get our new moves perfected we will have a video for you. In the meantime, we will continue to exercise our “tricky thinking” and practice walking down the imaginary aisle, xoxo