Hi Everyone,

Corey was not happy about going to Bryn Mawr today and I knew today and Monday will be Insurance testing days (Corey’s not the only one stressed)…but off we went for a session with Natalie.

Corey arrived with a question prepared, “Natalie, how do you think I’m doing and I know this is a hard question to answer, but how long will it be before I’m all better?”

Natalie is always honest with Corey and is quite experienced at the art of distraction. She answers the question without answering the question and always has a positive spin.

N – well, let’s take a look at your chart. I know you don’t like when we ‘test’ you
N – but those numbers go on record to track your personal bests!
M – we should rename the chart “Corey’s Brag Book”.
Looking at Corey, we weren’t sure she was buying it.

N – let’s see, about two months ago you’re all time best for standing by your self was 1 minute and 25 seconds.
M – at home she’s currently up to 2 minutes!
N – hmmm, maybe you can show me that later.

N – last time we tested your timed walking you went from 305 feet to 320 feet in 6 minutes.
M – (Looking at Corey) You can walk farther then that.
Corey was starting to panic
M – Tell you what, let’s bet on it.
She raised one eyebrow.
M – If you don’t blow away that distance, you have to cook me breakfast and serve it to me in bed.
C – and if I win you have to cook me dinner and I don’t have to help chop or cut anything and you serve me and do the dishes.
M – DEAL but you have to use your arm cane
We shook on it.

Corey stood at the starting point, Natalie had the timer and her hands placed on Corey’s hips for stability, Jackie (our tech) had the measurement wheel and I had the wheelchair ready for fatigue backup…off we went.

I was teasing Corey that I was daydreaming about staying in my pajama’s as I smelled my omelette, toast, bacon and coffee; anticipating her waiting on me. She ignored my comments and remained focused.

When the alarm sounded Jackie looked at the measurement wheel…371 feet in 6 minutes! She wasn’t finished…she and Natalie rounded the corner to hit a session record of 441 feet. I will be cooking her victory dish this weekend.

Back in the gym with time to spare we decided to up the ante. Dinner was back on the betting table but we added dessert if she could beat her balancing record.
C – Mom it doesn’t have to be homemade because I know you don’t like to bake.
(it’s true we are not the best bakers but I think that was a strategic move to protect herself in case she didn’t beat her record)

Corey positioned her feet, held onto the parallel bars, locked eyes with me as Natalie set the rules. “let go of the bar when you’re ready to start, grab the bar if you think you need to but each touch of the bar is one try. You get best out of 4”. Ready…Go…

The gym is usually packed and very noisy. Today it was nearly empty because of the holiday. We stopped conversation to help her concentration. The silence was deafening! Corey’s eyes were fixed, I swear she didn’t blink and I was holding my breath afraid to distract her.

Best out of 4…Her new personal best – 2 minutes 56 seconds! The final number is impressive but what is more significant is recalling where Corey began. Her first ever attempt was 7 seconds, then 23 and 35 etc. just a few months ago. Each of the first 3 trials today recorded 1 minute 20 seconds or above. She’s getting stronger!

Today’s achievement came at the perfect time for both of us. Her progress can feel as if its moving at a snails pace day in and day out. Just when the both of us want to scream and say we’ve had it, another new personal best is recorded to keep us inching forward.

“How long until she’s all better”? We have no idea but we have to keep crawling and before we know it she’ll be up and running, xoxo