Hi Everyone,

This page is amazing. Thank goodness we have each other. So many people reached out to say, ‘I know you wrote that entry for yourself but it was just what I needed to read’.

One of the messages I received today was from Corey. It was just what “I” needed to read today! She gave me permission to share it with you.

mom its corey and this is a letter to you from me i would just like to say how happy i am to have you in my life and mom i am happy that 1 you’re in my life and your always there to push me even when i dont want to do things and 2 you’re always like back up support

mom compliments go to you because without you i would be stuck in a nursing home with old people which quite frankly i dread becoming one. i plan on staying young’ish forever and i’m basically Peter Pan, i never wanna get old mom.

btw i am so thankful that even though you hate it you climb into the pool with me and you always go work out with me but i dont think you hate that part just the pool part. mom even when you don’t feel good you put on a brave face especially when its not easy and you help me with anything i do.

thanks mom and dont worry someday i will cook for you all the time and you wont even have to clean the kitchen i love you to the moon and back xoxo