hello everyone its corey

today i went to go work out with Natalie and i happened to beat yesterdays best record

yesterday i balanced standing alone for 5 minutes with Jen. when natalie heard that she and i wanted to set another personal best. we timed 6 minutes and 10 seconds

next, still not tired, was step aerobics with a wooden block, not as a dare just because i wanted another personal best
and darned if i did not set it. i front stepped and side stepped and even did some lunges.

so after that we set another bet. Natalie asked me to hold a small beach ball between my knees. i was supposed to stand up and sit down to practice squats. everyone guessed a different number that i could do. mom said 5, i said 6, Natalie said 7 and my nurse said 10. i ended up doing what no one bet. i blew them away and they were all like, you can stop anytime you want but i happened to do 14. i don’t know where it came from really, but its a new personal best. i’m sure this one won’t last for long either because i am a competitive athlete you know.

a personal best to me means reaching an all time high. its important to me because it tells me how much i can do without quitting or taking a break. when you are trying to get better you are always trying to reach for your best. its important for all of us to reach for our all time best every day, xoxo