Hi Everyone,

We have two big firsts to share with you tonight!

Our ultimate goal for Corey is to live a full independent life. Her physical progress has not only enabled her to relearn how to walk but she is beginning to care for her personal needs as well.

I begin with a delicate topic but it is truly monumental when it comes to true independence. We are eternally grateful to a dear friend of mine that helped us acquire a shower stretcher. Corey lies down on this waterproof gurney for all of her spa sessions. As she developed her flexibility, she began to participate by lifting and washing her legs. Slowly she improved her arm mobility to include her torso and face. This weekend, for the first time, she sat on a bench in the shower, manipulated the shower head, soaped her washcloth (one handed) and bathed herself completely. I washed her hair and dried her but she managed the bulk of the spa session her self.

Today Corey insisted on walking unassisted from the chair lift to the kitchen. She is not physically ready for this yet. I asked her to use the platform walker instead of the forearm cane. She panics easily when I switch things up. After convincing her she could walk through the house independently, she headed down the hall.

The link below documents another major first towards independence. Her back story; She walked into the kitchen, announced she was thirsty and asked me to get her a drink.
M – you don’t need me to get you a drink; you can get it yourself
Corey looked at me confused, processed my statement and with that impish grin, she took off.

We hope you enjoy watching today’s “life therapy”; quenching her thirst for independence, xoxo

Corey Beattie – I’m Thirsty