Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a big day! Corey is preparing to walk down the aisle for JohnPaul and Jackie’s wedding. She’s begun practicing with two young PT techs acting as practice groomsmen (one is super cute by the way). Corey does not want to wear her sneakers and leg brace with her bridesmaid dress. We have been searching for months for appropriate shoes that will support her ankle and foot.

The restrictions were challenging; no heel, no wedge, had to secure the front of her foot as well as the heel and ankle, etc. We have brought in a few selections but nothing has passed the “Natalie” test until yesterday…she said YES to the sandles!

Corey walked for more then 100 feet in the gym for her trial. We will bring her sandals with us each session to slowly build up her tolerance to walking the expected distance down the aisle.

This may seem silly to most of you but this will be the first “real” pair of shoes Corey has worn since her accident. She is beyond excited.

Today we added another first (for both of us). The changing spring weather has caused multiple headaches for Corey. She did not feel up to her workout at the pool. That doesn’t mean we stay home and take it easy! We headed to the grocery store with Denise, our day nurse.

We used Corey’s wheelchair to enter the store but once past the threshold we stood her up, she held onto the grocery cart, I stood behind her, Denise followed me with the wheelchair and the caravan took off towards the baking aisle.

I would need to measure in order to give you the accurate distance but I can tell you she walked for 14 aisles. I can also tell you it was hard work for both of us! We both found it challenging to concentrate, push the cart at the right pace, steer the cart forward, I guided Corey’s left leg and she had to remember to lift her left foot. We made it to the cake section and both of us were ready to sit down! Corey’s only complaint was her hands and arms hurt…probably because she held on with a death grip…I know I was!

Despite the heightened level of concentration, I was very aware of how amazing it was for the two of us to be holding onto our cart walking together through the grocery store.

Two more 1st’s = such gratitude! xoxo

PS, Corey chose a TYE DYE cake that was not only beautiful when we cut it open but tasted amazing! (updated pictures soon)